in 1995 i made out a list, lose weight, run more often, get more work and make more money, be nicer to husband, and get a horse. i just added the last item because i thought of it at the time. sure id like to have a horse, but…not really expecting to do anything about […]

at home with my dog, cat, husband and a couple of good friends. we ate too much, drank lots of stuff, tried to watch a heady movie, but got lost when we kept pausing to do something else in the kitchen or chat about the fiscal cliff…nestled by the fireplace, listening to fireworks and neighborhood […]

i keep asking myself that…when out for a ride on my almost 30 year old horse…when he started acting wiggy, staring at bushes, acting retarded…then…i saw it, clear as day…a bobcat came strolling out of the sumac bushes and stood in the path. the horse stared in disbelief at the intrusion into his space…as i […]

both sides of the story, thats what ive learned to listen for, whats going on on the other side. every picture tells a story, everyone has a story…and they sure don’t all agree, not that that would be a good thing necessarily…or maybe it would be better for everyone if we all thought the same […]

lots of stuff i didn’t know i needed to know she taught me in the process of developing ourpredator/prey relationship ive learned, you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink. you can only lead a mule where the mule wants to go. by hook and crook, the mule became my […]